Hare Krishna Family – Project in Action

It is our effort to establish and create an industrial park consisting of about 10 cottage industries for the benefit of 2 villages. After some progress in our industrial park, Hare Krishna brand will be a unique brand standing for genuine products, useful item, quality at hand, and an honest group of cottage industries. Honesty and quality will be the key words of Hare Krishna Brand. Unlike a general practice in in India, it will be devoid of any type corruption. Villagers are generally uneducated about process, product, sales, advertisement etc. All accounting will be digital, and all sales and advertisement will be on internet. It will be our efforts to bring experts from Delhi to educate and give training about cottage industries to villagers. If Lord Krishna willingly it will go a long way to make our twin ‘Jamau’ villages an ideal, prosperous, and happy place to live.

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