Our Mission

“To help the real needy people in health and education, eradicate cruelty to animals anywhere in the world, and to conduct research in the field of health.”


  • The Construction of Ma Durga temple Completed in 21 June 2004.
  • This temple serves two Jamau Villages.
  • This temple has morning & evening poojas. A learned Pundit ji gives discourse to villagers everday in the evening.
  • The construction of a school in a remote village completed in Feb 2017.
  • Building inaugurated on 1st Mar 2017.
  • 12 Teachers employed to teach 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 grade.
  • More than 300 students took admission in the school.
  • Eye medical team often goes to village to help villagers to take care of medical problems.
  • Contacted Iskcon people in Vrindavan to improve the education quality of our school. Iskcon team will visit our school every month.
  • The school has been recognized for 6-12 grade by UP Board.
  • A Prabha Clinic has been opened to help villagers in Health.
  • Prabha Clinic inaugurated on 11th July 2019.
  • Approximately more than 20 patients are visiting the clinic every day.
  • 1 Doctor and 1 Pharmacist take care of the clinic and patients.
  • All villagers, students and teachers receive doctor consultation and medicines for very little fees.
  • As planned, a playground has been constructed for students and villagers.
  • The construction of Hare Krishna Kreeda Sthal completed in Dec 2020.
  • Some internal road, village well, drainage system have been renovated.
  • Building and playground was inaugurated on 3rd Jan 2021.
  • The playground is a part of school, but it allows villagers to use in after school hours.

Future Services in view

  • At present there is no facility of banking nearby for 10 villages.
  • It is our attempt to open a branch of State bank of india in our village. The farmers living in two Jamon villages & surrounding ten villages will be able to use this facility.
  • The income of villagers is pretty low. Therefore it will be our attempt to open a few cottage industries which will help them to increase their financial status.
  • It will be our effort to establish and create an industrial park consisting of about 10 cottage industries for the benefit of 2 villages. After some progress in our industrial park, Hare Krishna brand will be a unique brand standing for genuine products, useful item, quality at hand, and an honest group of cottage industries. Honesty and quality will be the key words of Hare Krishna Brand. Unlike a general practice in in India, it will be devoid of any type corruption. Villagers are generally uneducated about process, product, sales, advertisement etc. All accounting will be digital, and all sales and advertisement will be on internet. It will be our efforts to bring experts from Delhi to educate and give training about cottage industries to villagers. If Lord Krishna willingly it will go a long way to make our twin ‘Jamau’ villages an ideal, prosperous, and happy place to live.
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