Our Mission

“To help the real needy people in health and education, eradicate cruelty to animals anywhere in the world, and to conduct research in the field of health.”

About Us

TDC founders have been running a junior high school, a small dispensary, and a temple on their own in a remote village of UP, India. The school in village has become very popular and has a population of 300 plus students. Many of the students from this school have attended college, or attending colleges, and enjoys great jobs. The whole village is very cooperative in maintaining the school.

The founders have been trying to get help from government but failed in their efforts due to bad state governance. Such villages in India are many which require immediate government attention. Poor people don’t get essential education and minimal medical help. There are 2 paths — keep fighting with dull government for their rights or help by charity. We are trying to use both techniques. To reduce the immediate sufferings of the poor people, we have created this non-profit organization, and to present our case later before government to start schooling in remote villages. In addition to educating the poor people, we have the intension to extend help in running small dispensaries, giving need based scholarships for further education, educating the villagers to run cottage industries etc.

National Governing Board

Narendra Kumar Bansal

He lives majority of his time in America but make frequent trips to India to sure the funds are being utilized properly and serve our mission.

Narendra Kumar Bansal
603, White Jasmine Trail
Houston TX-77079

Cell: 603-818-7830 (day & evenings)
email: [email protected]

Surendra Kumar Bansal

He is a retired American citizen who was an officer in a drug company. He supports this cause with heart and saul. He likes to help this cause moniterly by approaching his social circle.

Surendra Kumar Bansal
1, Rockwood Lane, Suffren
NY 10901

Cell: 862-596-1914

Jason S. Allen

He is an American citizen and attorney by profession. He supports this cause by heart and soul. He helps in all legal matters and whatever way he can.

Jason S. Allen, Esq.
111 W. Washington St., Ste 1611
Chicago, IL 60602

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